Residual Disinfection ServicesNotably, treatment of water is very important. During this process pathogenic organisms are either killed, deactivated, or removed the water. It is only after such a process that the water becomes safe for consumption as pathogens are known to cause different waterborne diseases. It is worth to note that there are both physical as well as chemical water disinfectants.  The goal of these two types of disinfectants is to ensure that harmful microorganisms in water are killed. To make sure that they do not grow back or that the water is not re-contaminated, disinfectants normally have a residual effect. Have you been wondering about where you can get professional residual disinfection service? If affirmative then you should not hesitate to contact us today. We assure you that at Jonre Cleaning Services we understand the whole process of water treatment. This implies that whether you want your pool or domestic water disinfected then we are the right people to contact.

Advantages of ordering for our residual disinfection services

  • We will ensure that your water is safe to use
  • The residual disinfectant products that we use are of top quality
  • Our prices are quite affordable

One of the common residual disinfectants that are used in distribution of water is Monochloromine. This residual is formed after the first stage of water disinfection has taken place. The purpose of this secondary disinfectant is to make sure that the treated water is not re-contaminated. Basically, it forms after a reaction with ammonia with chlorine. There are recommended levels that this residual should not exceed in water that is considered safe for use. Such levels are usually provided for by World Health Organization (WHO). If there is something that you do not fully understand about this secondary water disinfectant then we strongly advise you to order for our help with residual disinfection.

Our company is really good at cleaning water

If there is one thing that our cleaning experts are really good at is disinfecting water. This implies that we use the most effective products when doing it. Moreover, we utilize time-tested techniques when treating water for different types of use. If you are unsure of whether you really need to treat your water or not then you should not hesitate to contact us today. We assure you that we shall in no doubt offer you professional residual disinfection service should you decide to place your order at our cleaning company today.