Quality cleaning services in ThikaIt is arguably true that we are living in an era when people’s lives have become quite busy. This is especially true for people who live in urban centers such as Nairobi. Between, working and having a social life there is not much time left for doing domestic chores. At Jonre cleaning services we are not ignorant of this. Going in line with this, we are committed to saving our clients time. We do this by primarily offering them with cleaning services that they can trust. In other words, we are a reliable cleaning company in Nairobi. This means that if you have: an office, commercial building or even a residential property that you would like cleaned then you should look for expert cleaning services no further than our company. We have a team of professionally trained housekeepers who are really good at their job.

What makes our Nairobi cleaning company reliable?

  • We have flexible cleaning packages
  • Our janitors are professionally trained
  • We use time tested cleaning methods
  • The products and equipment that we use for cleaning are of high quality

Key characteristic of a cleaning company that is reliable

There are a number of key features that a reliable cleaning company normally has. To begin with, such a company responds promptly to clients’ queries. It is good to note that some clients need urgent cleaning services as sometimes stains, debris and dusts tend to accumulate fast. Others need pests control services and this implies that delayed services means that their properties will continue being damaged by pests. At Jonre Cleaning Services we respond to our clients’ queries as soon as possible. As a result of this we are at all times able to offer our customers quality cleaning and pest control services right when they need them.

Our housekeepers are not only professionally trained but also trustworthy

Moreover, a reliable cleaning company in Nairobi should have professionally trained janitors. It is important to point out that cleaning is not as straightforward as some people mistakenly believe it is. This is because the use of certain cleaning products as well as equipment requires professional training. We are pleased to let you know that all the housekeepers who work at our cleaning company understand how to use different cleaning products and disinfectant. Moreover they are well conversant with the most effective methods of cleaning different properties. Perhaps the main feature that makes our company reliable is the fact that our entire team of cleaners is trustworthy.