Pest Control & Fumigation HelpIt is no doubt that pests can significantly increase the rate at which a certain property depreciates. As a matter of fact, pests if left uncontrolled, can really damage your property. As a result of this, pest control & fumigation is really important. There are a number of notable pests that are likely to infest your property in Kenya. Such pests include: rodents, crawling pests, outdoor pests, and well as flying pests. These categories can be further expounded into specific kind of pests which are namely: mice, rates, ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites, moles, ticks, snakes, squirrels, fleas, flies, moths, mosquitoes, houseflies, wasps, bats and bees among others. There are different techniques of controlling different types of pests depending on the level of infestation. Once you contact our pests control and fumigation technicians they shall adequately advise you on how to deal with various kinds of pests.

Why should you order for our pest control & fumigation services?

  • Our pest control technicians are professionally trained
  • We respond promptly
  • Prices for our fumigation services are quite competitive
  • The products that we use for fumigation and controlling pests are eco-friendly

Fumigation is one of the most effective methods of controlling pests

One of the pest-control methods that have become quite common in the recent past is fumigation. This is a technique of using fumigants to kill pests. Indeed this has been cited as one of the most effective techniques of controlling pests. It is good to note that fumigants are pesticides that are in gaseous form. This implies that they are able to penetrate in all the places that the pests could be hiding. This method is particularly used in controlling bed bugs and termites due to its gaseous nature. It is important to mention that fumigation should only be done be a professional pest control technician. We are happy to inform you that we have such technicians in our cleaning company. This means that you can order for our pest control and fumigation services today.

Our pest control solutions are dependable.

At Jonre Cleaning Services we provide reliable pests control solutions. Once you contact us, our pest control experts will visit your property to assess the extent of pest infestation. They will then advise you on the best method of killing such pests. After giving them a green light they will kill the pests using the most appropriate method. When doing so, our experts are always mindful of our clients’ properties and as such they are careful not to destroy them.