We offer superior hygiene solutions that speak volumes about your work place and company values. A hygienic and odour free office easily improves the impression the business makes on its customers and employees.

It is not an easy task to find someone that you can trust with cleaning your property. At our cleaning company we are not ignorant of this fact. Going in line with this, we offer a wide range of reliable cleaning services in Kenya. To begin with, our services in cleaning offices are unrivalled. We have flexible cleaning plans and packages and this means that you can utilize our cleaning solutions regardless of whether your office is small, medium or large. You will most assuredly be impressed with our carpet cleaning and maintenance services. This however does not mean that you should expect us to do a shoddy job when it comes to cleaning hard floors as we have the right equipment and cleaning agents to leave different types of floors sparkling clean.

Building maintenance is yet another field that our reliable cleaning company has specialized in. It is arguably true that any type of building be it a commercial one or a residential one needs some cleaning if at all its inhabitants are to live in a safe environment. It is out of recognition of this that we offer professional hygiene solutions to all types of buildings. This implies that, whether you need a: school, restaurant, place of worship or any other type of building cleaned then you can always contact us. We assure you that you shall not regret allowing us to clean your building.

As you may be aware, our goal is to offer holistic cleaning services. We are not ignorant to the fact that pests pose a great threat to the general hygiene of a given premises. This is because such pests not only destroy the infested property but can also transmit diseases to human beings. Being aware of this, we have effective techniques of controlling pests such as; bedbugs, termites, cockroaches as well as rats and other rodents. One of the common techniques that we use to deal with such pests is fumigation. It is worth to note that this technique can only be effectively applied by a well-trained professional such as the ones found in our affordable cleaning firm.

Moreover, we offer professional hygiene solutions. This means that whether you need products to: clean your hands, wash your toilet, make the air fresh or disinfect sanitary bins among others we have got you covered. Once you order for our dependable cleaning services in Kenya you shall be impressed by our help.

• Hand hygiene services
• Washroom hygiene
• Sanitary bins/Hygiene
• Air Freshener fans and sprays
• Toilet seat sanitizers
• Toilet Roll Holders
• Hand washing Detergents
• Hand Drying papers
• Reflex paper Towels
• Folded hand paper towels
• Deep clean Hygiene Treatment


Hand Hygiene
JONRE provides a wide range of hygienic hand washing and hand drying services to ensure germ free environment from the washrooms, kitchen and the office.






Washroom Hygiene

Our expert wash room hygiene solutions will provide a healthy and hygienic wash room environment for your staff and clients and at the same time helping you achieve and adhere to your Health and Safety obligations.




Sanitary Bins /Hygiene

JONRE CLEANING SERVICES offers a comprehensive sanitary waste management services helping our valued clients to dispose off sanitary ware in a safe and hygienic manner through our no touch sanitary bins.

Our sanitary bins contain an environmentally friendly sachet which removes unpleasant odours inside the bin and at the same time releasing a fresh fragrance. This ensures a clean and fresh smelling toilet environment at all times.




Air Fresheners

Our wide range of air fresheners enable controlled fragrance dispensing to suit your preference. The use of air fresheners helps to control and minimize unpleasant odour and reassures that your washroom is clean and cared for thus creating a positive image of your business. We will help you make an impression with a variety of our air fresheners installed in your wash rooms.