Best hand drying papersIt has been observed that the possibility of transferring bacteria from a wet surface is higher than on a dry one. It is out of recognition of this fact that experts insist on the importance of drying hands after cleaning them. There are different methods of drying hands which include the use of: cotton/linen towels, warm air dryers as well as hand drying papers. Each of the aforementioned methods has both their advantages as well as disadvantages. Once you contact our cleaning and hygiene experts they will assess your washroom and advise you on the best hand-drying technique that you ought to use. Specifically, when making the crucial decision of which hand drying method is appropriate for your washroom there are a number of things that you ought to consider. These factors include: the cost implications of using a given method over another, the average number of users of a given washroom and the number if times that the washroom is cleaned. Why don’t you allow us to guide you in choosing the most suitable hand drying papers for your washroom today?

Reasons why it is a good idea to order for hand drying papers from our professional cleaning company

  • We offer hand drying papers that are biodegradable and of top quality
  • Our products are quite affordable
  • You will most definitely be impressed by our after-sales services

Advantages of using hand drying papers

There are a number of advantages that are associated with use of paper in dying hands. To start with, they are among the most effective materials of drying hands. It has been observed that papers remove bacteria and moisture from hands better than other techniques of drying hands. They are also easy to dispose. Manufacturing companies now manufacture papers that easily disintegrate in water. This means that you do not have to worry about blocking your plumbing system by using such papers. If you are working on a tight budget and you are in need of affordable hand drying papers then you should not hesitate to contact us.

Why you might not want to use hand drying papers

Unfortunately, hand drying papers also have a number of shortcomings. One of the disadvantages is that if the papers are not biodegradable then they can end up blocking the plumbing system. Moreover, poor disposal of the papers such as dropping them on the floor can pose a risk of re-contamination. Moreover, the wastebasket needs to be emptied regularly or otherwise the washroom will become messy.