Best building maintenance servicesGenerally, the purpose of building maintenance is to ensure that a certain facility is taken care of so that it is safe and comfortable for its users. There are many activities that are involved in maintaining a building. To begin with an important aspect of building maintenance is cleaning. In other words, janitors and housekeepers are important in ensuring that a certain building remains neat all the time. Their purpose include: cleaning common areas, mopping floors, vacuum cleaning carpets, cleaning and disinfecting washrooms as well as cleaning glasses. Cleaning a building is important as it helps in slowing its depreciation rate. It also provides a healthy environment for its users. Apart from cleaning various parts of the building, janitors and housekeepers alike are expected to ensure that waste is managed properly in a given building. As a result of this, they are expected to among other things; ensure that waste is collected regularly and that safe waste management practices are observed. We are pleased to let you know that we offer professional building maintenance services in Kenya.

Maintaining a building involves gardening

Notably, gardening is yet another important aspect of maintaining a building. Majority of buildings whether residential or commercial ones have grounds that need maintenance. Such grounds might have various types of plants such as: grass, flowers or even shrubs. If such plants are not taken good care of then they can portray a negative image of a certain building. It is also important to point out that in most cases one sees such plants before entering a certain building. It is therefore important to properly take good care of them if at all you would like to make a good first impression to your visitors. You might be relieved to learn that a Jonre cleaning services we offer reliable building maintenance service. This means that we shall not only help you in cleaning your building but also assist you in taking care of its lawn as well as other plants that might be in it.

We are ready to offer you comprehensive building maintenance services

As mentioned above, there are many aspects of building maintenance key among them being cleaning and gardening. Apart from these two, there are other aspects such as inspection of plumbing system as well as electrical systems. This is done to ensure that everything in the building is operating as expected. If you are in need of a professional company to assist you in maintaining your building then there is no doubt that you have come to the right place.

Building maintenance is an ongoing process that requires the attention of the professional cleaners. Our building maintenance services include emptying and sanitizing trash bins, carpet cleaning and restroom cleaning. Building Maintenance is essential for the healthy and safe operation of any building or office. Office cleaning is our specialty and we are dedicated to providing our clientele with exceptional services including:

  • Dusting window blinds and horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuuming of carpets and spot cleaning as needed.
  • Sweeping and mopping tile or hard flooring
  • Window cleaning inside and out
  • Dusty walls as a result of ceiling fans

Our cleaning services are not just for office but also for schools, Churches, Restaurants and Retail stores. All our staff members are well trained and experienced in our cleaning services, you can feel comfortable that your facilities will be well maintained.
Our cleaning services in building maintenance ensures proper attention to high traffic areas and long- term maintenance needed for the facility to operate efficiently.

Jonre Cleaning Services will allow you to focus more on your Business and leave us to do the cleaning.