Reliable apartment cleaning companies in NairobiIt is no doubt that there is nobody who really likes coming back to a messy home. As a matter of fact, keeping an unkempt apartment is one of the many ways of chasing tenants away from your building. If you have noticed that majority of the tenants do not stay for long in your building then it could be that you are not keen about the level of hygiene maintained in it. At Jonre Cleaning Services we understand the need to provide a clean and habitable environment for tenants. Going in line with this we offer reliable apartment cleaning services. We understand that majority of people, especially those that live in urban centers, have busy schedules and as such they are left with insufficient time to do all domestic chores including cleaning their apartments. Being aware of this, we are committed to making our clients lives easier by offering them help with cleaning apartment at very affordable rates.

Why you might want to order for our cleaning services

  • We normally use high quality cleaning products
  • Our housekeepers are trustworthy
  • The methods that we use for cleaning are effective

We do a thorough job when cleaning our clients’ apartments

When you order for our cleaning services you can be assured of getting a sparkling clean apartment. This is because we offer comprehensive cleaning services. Some of the key areas that we are sure to focus on when cleaning your apartment include: floor, furniture, stairway, kitchen, windows, washroom, store as well as any other rooms that are available in your apartment. When cleaning floors, we do a thorough job with the aim of ensuring that any dirt, stain or discoloration on the floor is removed. We don’t mind moving furniture to clean the floor. If you have a carpet we use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that it is free from any debris and litter. We then wash it and later dry it for you using time-tested methods.

Our Kitchen and toilet cleaning services are quite impressive

What majority of people fail to realize is that there is so much to be cleaned apart from the floor and windows in the kitchen. At our apartment cleaning company we understand the need to clean microwaves, cookers, freezers and fridges among other kitchen appliances. We thoroughly clean them while being cautious enough not to damage them. Apart from cleaning such appliances we also clean and sanitize; sinks kitchen cabinets as well as shelves. We will also leave your toilet smelling fresh and sanitized should you order for our apartment cleaning services. Feel free to contact us today. We offer apartment cleaning services with several different cleaning options including basic, deep and other tailor made cleaning services. We are flexible and will work with your busy schedule to meet your unique cleaning needs. To accommodate our clientele, we offer daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules.