JONRE CLEANING SERVICES offers a variety of cleaning services, including office cleaning, apartment cleaning and general services. Our experienced and professional staff is prepared to take care of commercial cleaning needs a timely and discreet manner. Serving clients in the Nairobi Matu area.

Jonre Cleaning services understand how important proper office cleaning is to your business, office and work environment We clean your office by following a detailed checklist customized to your unique need. We work had office cleaning to keep your work place clean, safe and healthy.

We will clean according to your schedule, clean as often as you require and exceed your expectation. Our office cleaning service are second to none ,our every profession cleaning staff come prepared to make your time office shine.

Our office cleaning services includes the following

• Trash removal
• Sweep and mop hard floors
• Scrubbing hard floors
• Vacuuming all carpets
• Cleaning the interior of windows
• Cleaning and sanitizing the restroom.

Building maintenance Building maintenance is an ongoing process that requires the attention of the professional cleaner. Our building maintenance services include emptying and sanitizing trash build, carpet etc.

3. A checklist for our Employees.

4. The Equipments we are expected to provide. All cleaning equipments and cleaning products.

5. The responsibility of the client .the client must provide proper access to electrical power,

and to water for proper dilution of our liquid cleaning solutions.

6. Our proof of insurance coverage

7. Our list of references.

8. Aim appealed upon building statement when payment is expected.

9. Your legal payment agreement Service agreement explain the frequency of service and terminating business contract.

10. Quality control plan.this document give details to as exactly how Jonre Cleaning service ensure s quality in every job done.


1. Our polices regarding time taking

2. Our staff recruiting programme

3. Supervision policies

• Exactly what you will be cleaning. Check list – this is your quality assurance tools and your money reference at any time

• Frequency- how often we will perform agreed upon services. We understand that you are busy,let us help you get you house work done without taking time out of.

4. Building maintenance is essential for the healthy and safe operation of any building or office cleaning.Office is our specialty and we are dedicated to providing our clientele with exceptional service.

• Dusting window blinds and horizontal surfaces

• Vacuuming all carpets and spot cleaning as needed.

• Sweeping and mopping tile or hard flooring

• Window cleaning inside and out

• Dusty walls as a result of ceiling fans Our cleaning services is not just for office but also for schools, Churches, Restaurant and Retail stores. All our our cleaning services staff members are trained and well experienced in our cleaning services, you can feel comfortable that your facilitates will be well maintained at high standard of excellence. Our cleaning services in building maintenance ensures proper attention to high traffic areas and long- term maintenance needed for the facility to operate efficiency.

Components Of our Cleaning Proposal

1. Information about the company,our level of professionalism and our experience

2. The range of responsibilities we are take on list of responsibilities to be performed and frequently with which services are to be provided.